Janus Trend Strategy

Janus Trend Strategy is a breakout forex trading system. It manages a group of individual trend-following tools in the background and provides trade signals when there is a confirmation from all the indicators. Besides this strategy also includes pivot levels for guiding its users through the important market levels.

Janus Trend Strategy has been developed as a forex scalping indicator, therefore, it works better on shorter timeframe charts like M5 & M15. Besides, it is great when applied to trade major forex currency pairs.

Janus Trend Strategy Overview

Download the Strategy and install it on your forex MT4 terminal. Once you’re done, your chart will appear like the following image:


Janus Trend Strategy Explanation


  • Janus Trend: Janus Trend works as a manager of a multiple trend/momentum indicators like Renko, MACD, SAR, and Stochastics. It also applies a crossover between 21- day Simple Moving Average and 52-day Exponential Moving Average for the confirmations of the market trends. The best part is, you don’t need to read signals from each individual indicator, the signal is delivered automatically whenever there is a confirmation. This indicator also outlines the current price range in order to find a possible breakout setup.
  • PivotsD V5: It is the 5th version of the original PivotsD indicator. It calculates the market pivots and plots the horizontal lines often considered as important areas of the market. Since these levels are determined based on the high and low of the price movements, the market often uses these areas as possible swing levels of the market.

Janus Trend: Buy Conditions


  • Janus Trend plots arrow signals pointing upwards
  • Price is supported by the current Pivot level
  • Buy triggers when the above conditions are met
  • Set stop loss below the current Pivot area
  • Exit long/take profit whenever a downward arrow appears near a Pivot level

Janus Trend: Sell Conditions


  • Janus Trend plots arrow signals pointing downwards
  • Price is resisted by the current Pivot level
  • Sell triggers when the above conditions are met
  • Set stop loss above the current Pivot area
  • Exit short/take profit whenever an upward arrow appears near a Pivot level

Free Download:Janus Trend Strategy

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