FX Mah Reversals Indicator

FX Mah Reversals Indicator is a composition of a dual customized Moving Averages used to plot crossover market trend signals. This indicator has been developed for intraday and day trading purposes only thus not suitable for scalping. It works better when applied for H1 and H4 timeframe charts of your forex MT4 trading platform.

FX Mah Reversals Indicator demonstrates the crossovers in a simple way so that everybody can understand its trade signals. Besides, this trend hunter can be applied to trade all kinds of forex currency pairs in the market.

FX Mah Reversals Indicator Overview

Download the indicator and install it on your MT4 terminal. Once you’re done, find your chart like the image below:


FX Mah Reversals Indicator Explanation

FX Mah Reversals Indicator uses two moving averages which are specially parameterized to identify the intraday and long-term market trends. This is why it reacts less to short-term market volatility and generates stable trade signals that work in the long run.


According to the general concept, the 8 FXMA value turns greater than 21 FXMA signals for the bullish crossover of the market trend. In the opposite way, 8 FXMA moves below the 21 FXMA level represents the bearish crossover of the market trend.

Once a crossover signal is confirmed, enter the trade according to the signaled trend direction and hold the position until you witness an opposite crossover.

FX Mah Reversals: Buy Conditions


  • 8 FXMA moves above 21 FXMA
  • A bullish candle is plotted at the same time
  • A buy can be triggered at the break of the respective bullish candle’s high
  • Set stop loss below the low of the current 21 FXMA level
  • Exit long or take profit whenever the 21 FXMA moves above the 8 FXMA level

FX Mah Reversals: Sell Conditions


  • 21 FXMA moves above 8 FXMA
  • A bearish candle is plotted at the same time
  • A sell can be triggered at the break of the respective bearish candle’s low
  • Set stop loss above the high of the current 21 FXMA level
  • Exit short or take profit whenever the 8 FXMA moves above the 21 FXMA level

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